About Me


Welcome to my website!

I'm Bob Chandler, amateur radio operator VE3SRE in Toronto, ON.  I also hold Quebec callsign VA2SRE. I've been licensed as an amateur (ham) radio operator since 1990.

I'm a somewhat active ham radio contester, VHF/UHF weak signal enthusiast and self-confessed media junkie.  I'm also particularly interested in GNU/Linux and other types of free and open source computer software, most of which is just as good and often better than proprietary software.

I work for a non-profit adult education centre in Toronto where I do a mix of systems administration, employment counselling and computer instruction for beginners.

This site is very much a "work in progress".   Sometimes I muck around here and add new stuff or do updates.    Sometimes I go for months without getting a chance to do anything with it.

At some point I may switch over to using a web content management system such as Drupal or Joomla.   If you've got any tips or any advice on this stuff, I'm all ears...and feel free to drop me a note.

This site "went live" in the summer of 2006 and these days (early 2009) seems to be getting between  1,000 and 1,200 unique "hits" per month.   Alot of those "hits" are of course search engines indexing the site. But there's enough traffic to indicate that at least some folks are finding stuff here that's useful.

Where are they coming from?   For the first part of 2009, the top countries producing visitors were:

1.  U.S.A.
6.  Romania
2.  Canada
7.  Czech Republic
3.  Brazil
8.  Australia, China, Poland
4.  Germany
9.  Estonia, France
5.  Netherlands
10. Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Turkey

I've looked at this site once or twice in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, and some of it doesn't look quite right.  Mostly because alot of my graphics are free and open source ".png" instead of ".gif" and Micro$oft's old dinosaur web browser doesn't fully support the .png file format.  

Microsoft does  appear  to have fixed this problem in I.E. 7.

But then, I refuse to use I.E.  Especially when there are so many better web browsers available!
If you use Mozilla Firefox, Sea Monkey Web Suite, Opera, Flock, K-Meleon, Safari, Google Chrome, Konqueror, Galeon or Epiphany, everything should look fine!

I'm a big fan of streaming audio.    If you are as well you might want to have a look at this page for a listing of Toronto area AM stations, and this page for Toronto area FM stations.   I've also got some useful links to public, campus and community radio across Canada, the U.S., the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland on this page.

If you want to get ahold of me you can e-mail me at feedback@ve3sre.com.  Due to  all the spambots out there , this  address is a bit of a "honeypot" and I don't check this address all that often.    But I like to hear from you anyway even if just to let me know what you liked (or didn't like) on the site. 

73 de Bob VE3SRE